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Pet First Aid

Our pets are very much a part of our famiy, but would you know what to do if your pet collapsed? Would you know how to perform CPR on your four legged friend?

With this pet first aid course, you will learn the essential skills that may one day save the life of that special member of your family.

With the help of Casper the resuscitation manikin the first aid course will have the practical elements that we include in our first aid for their human counterparts!

Course content includes

  • Introduction

  • Keeping your pet safe in an emergency

    • Car Accidents

    • How pets show pain

    • Checking your pet's health

  • Pet Accidents and First Aid

    • Breathing and respiratory problems including choking

    • CPR

    • Drowning

    • Shock

    • Broken Bones

    • Spinal injury and moving an injured pet

  • Tending to your pet

    • Controlling Bleeding

    • Dressings and Bandages

    • Paw Problems

    • Ears, Eyes, and Mouth

    • Bandaging the Ear

    • Bandaging the Tail

    • Illnesses

    • Poisoning, Bites, and Stings

    • Burns and temperature related problems

Accredited and Certificated course

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