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This is a 3 hour course on how to deal with people that are choking.

Ideal for all childcare or adult social care settings.

Non accredited courses

First Aid for Grandparents and Parents

Research has shown more and more grandparents are looking after grandchildren rather than the children go to nursery. This is a short first aid course to help deal with any eventuality.

Young peoples first aid skills

This is a course that has been specially  designed for children.

The course runs 4 weeks for 1 hour a week and is designed to give children the skills to deal with an emergency.

Epilepsy Awareness

This is a 3 hour awareness course for people to gain a better understanding of living with epilepsy.

Mental Capacity Act & DOLs

This is an awareness course that looks at the 5 principles and also DOLs

It is designed to get participants to reflect on clients that they work with, which helps bring the Act to life.

Ideal for those new to care or for a refresher training for existing staff.

Dementia Awareness

This is a 3.5 hour course on dementia. This has been written to coincide with the standards of the QCF Level 2 diploma

Understanding Health and Social care for non care workers in a care setting.

This course has been written for those staff that work in care homes and have interaction with the residents, but do not provide direct care.

Ideal for domestics, kitchen staff, handyperson etc.

Non accredited courses are still certificated so that candidates can still prove CPD hours, however these will not be 'accreditted' by an awarding body.

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